1. #repost from @sbethea1, crazy I was just talking about this today :/

  2. I think I made my eyebrows too dramatic lmao redo!

  4. More like rock star barbie

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  6. My sewing machine came in today… time to make FASHION!

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    MashFox Mashup 

    aka: the greatest music to ever grace the internet

    10 seconds and i was just like: omgomgomg it’s soooo good,waw,waw omg!

    This is the best thing I’ve ever heard oh my god

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  9. Baby brother

  10. @deequincygates think he look good

  11. Eating out :P


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    365 days of songs

    February 20 - Stay The Night // Zedd (feat. Hayley Williams)

    Hayley Williams is perfect

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    "An eternal glistening". Darya Kurovska in Alexander McQueen photographed by Ben Toms

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    'sugarcoated' | fei fei sun | vogue us march 2014 | by karim sadli