1. Late post

  2. My aunt :) congratulations!!!

  3. Going to my aunt’s bridal shower :)

  4. Have you guys seeen this flower before?

  5. #repost from @defyinggravityyy this hit home like no other lmao!!

  6. We don’t do duck face we do @johnluuu XD

  8. How you doin!

  9. You guys I found the lady bugs freak plant! Not so lady after all (at DeKalb County Public Library)

  10. I know the veggie omlet is confusing because I got bacon lolz (at Sweet Melissa’s)

  11. #repost from @dopeechick___ sad but true

  12. What up doe

  13. Chillin at the bar with @trulytru

  14. Devyyyyyynnnnnn

  15. Me and Ty :P